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"Nails are very important tools in terms of structure and stability. One nail by itself however cannot hold too much together. Much of the time it is necessary for multiples to be used in unison. Each nail represents a person in my work. I use stainless steel nails for the clean and pure appearance. When each nail is welded to the ones next to it, it will visually have a bond specific to that set of nails. Every bond or weld is different which comes to represent the individual relationships between people on a grand scale. Each nail used differs in size from the ones next to it, below it, and above it in a way to stimulate the variety found in nature and society. In this event when we take a step back we no longer see each individual nail, but one tree, one tree that encompasses thousands of smaller pieces which each have their own bonds and relationships and ultimately play a much larger role maintaining stability and structure through their strength."

About the Artist

Insun Kim was born in South Korea in 1960 and came to the US when she was 19. She studied painting at the Art Students League for several years but later, when she began working at Tallix Art Foundry in Peekskill, she was introduced to sculpture and never looked back. "There was something about sculpture and three dimensions that I was very attracted to," she explains. While at Tallix Kim worked with sculptors Reuben Nakian, Isamu Noguchi, John Chamberlain, Nancy Graves and Frederick Douglas. Interactions like these proved to be some of her most valuable lessons.

Over the years she has worked with clay, wax and plaster but her true love is working with metal. While some of her pieces are cast, most of her work is fabricated with metal and various found objects like wire, sprockets, chains, rocks, etc. She is a highly skilled welder and fabricator. From time to time she will find natural objects that seem to “radiate beauty in their own way.” Her love and respect for nature is obvious in her work and she says, “If I can find an object in nature that will work within my project, then my work is done.” She juxtaposes the familiar object with the unexpected, the natural with the fabricated; “I like to create sculptures that people can relate to in their lives,” she says. "I use objects that on the surface have no relationship with each other and compose them to create a harmonious narrative describing life."

Kim started her full-time business, Beacon Fine Art Foundry, in 2005.

Selected Exhibitions

2013 Beacon 3D (Inaugural Exhibition), Beacon, NY
2013 Symbiosis, Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, NY
2013 Ossining in 3D: A Sculptural Celebration of the Village’s Bicentennial
2012 Collaborative Concepts @ Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY
2012 Segue, Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, NY
2012 Summer Blues, Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, NY
2011 Hudson Beach Glass Gallery, Beacon, NY
2005 Smithtown Township Arts Council 40th Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibit St. James, NY
2005 Burlington County College 2005-06 Outdoor Sculpture, Pemberton, NJ
2004 Reflections on Nature, Chesterwood National Museum, Stockbridge, MA
2004 Fifth Annual Juried Sculpture Exhibition, The Howland Art Center, Beacon, NY
2003 Winged Creatures and Surreal Art, Mine Metal Art, Brooklyn, NY
2002 Carole Feuerman Studio, Jersey City, NJ
2002 Mine Metal Art, Brooklyn, NY
1999 Art Behind Art 4, Painting and Sculpture, The Howland Art Center, Beacon, NY
1997 Art Behind Art 2, Painting and Sculpture, Northern Westchester Art Center, Mount Kisco, NY
1996 Art Behind Art, Sculpture and Painting, Northern Westchester Art Center, Mount Kisco, NY
1992 Modern Times through the Concerned Eye, Katonah Museum of Art, NY
1989 Three Dimension, Paramount Theater, Peekskill, NY