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Lost and Found is a collection of work that explores connections between perception and reality, life and death, the intimate and the sublime and the materiality of sensual experience. In each piece the subject is lost within the medium and in the process of of finding it, a new perception of the material is found by the viewer.

My visual art takes many different forms: from video installation to painting, sculpture to sound, drawing to performance. Landscape, nature and human cognition are recurring themes in my work. I explore the ways in which culturally formed expectations affect perceptions. Through various combinations of media, I question the disparities and similarities between my subjects.

Lost and Found
Fragments of memory, impressions, fabric of sentient experience, it warns us, informs us, protects and reveals, regrets and conceals, making invisible the infinite particles that make visible the infinite particles. Sight, so much for sight, cite and recite, less particles, more light. Tossed, fragile, blind; all of of these, friends, lost and kind, find them, bind them, hear the sound, all of my friends, lost and found.



Joseph Ayers grew up around the southern Gulf Coast region in Florida. After serving in the the US Air Force for 5 years, he studied art and has received a B.A. in New Media from the University of New Orleans and and M.F.A. in Combined Media from Hunter College, City University of New York, NY. During the course of his education he received several honors and awards including the President's Showcase Award at Hunter College in 2008 and the Trish-Hollis Scholarship for Design at the University of New Orleans. Ayers now teaches a diverse range of art courses throughout the Hudson Valley including digital video, color theory, perspective drawing, fundamentals of design and 3-D design. In 2012 he founded KuBe Collective, an artist group at Kunsthalle Beacon and has assisted in curating at this venue on several occasions. His work has been shown throughout the Hudson Valley and in New York City and beyond. He lives in Beacon with his wife, Aya Uekawa, also an artist, and their daughter Luna.