Light at the End of the Tunnel

Kirsten Kucer Light at the End of the Tunnel, 2004
rubber latex, glass and steel


from Villa de Garcia to Beacon

April 13 - May 5, 2013

Opening reception
Saturday April 13th 6 - 8 pm

Artist Statement

"I taught art at Universidad de Monterrey and lived in Villa de Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico from 2001 - 2005. The Mexico I know is full of magic and light, hard earth, mountains, poor but gracious people and large amounts of open space. Whether it was a Huichol shaman pulling small pebbles out of my mouth, or the religious processions that paraded down my street or the sweet potato vendor on his winter evening route it was impossible not to feel the connection to the land, to the history, to the people, to make sense of and gather the atmosphere that surrounded daily life. Looking back it is apparent that this is what propelled the way in which I made art there.

When I returned to the U.S. and moved to Beacon in 2005, I began working in an intimate 90 sq. ft. studio, and concentrated on drawing. I started pulling from memory and my photographic archives of my time spent in Mexico as a way to begin drawing. I thought my primary concern in this work was about space and chance, but as I continued drawing it was clear that it was equally as much about my experiences in Villa de Garcia.

The drawings became a place where I could map the physical world of architecture, landscape and the figure with a psychological overlay that shaped them into a loose narrative. As an artist who has worked in sculpture, installation, interventions and public art for many years, drawing had always been a way for me to map out ideas. This was also true for the drawings I did in response to my time in Mexico. However, I now find that the drawings are no longer the foundation for something else but a complete and complex expression of ideas—an end in themselves." Kirsten Kucer, 2013

Download the pdf of the artist's work.