Calliope Nellie

Chantelle Norton - Calliope
Etching and Aquatint 3"x 5"

Chantelle Norton - Nellie
Etching and Aquatint 3"x 5"







Curated by Hiro Ichikawa

November 10 through December 30, 2012

Opening Reception on November 10, 2012 6 - 8 pm

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Theo Ganz Studio is very pleased to have Hiro Ichikawa curate our next exhibition entitled Prints without pixels. Hiro Ichikawa is an artist who lives and works in Beacon, New York and his work includes oil paintings, watercolors and etchings. He currently runs the Print Club at Garrison Art Center every Sunday afternoon. His current exhibition of oil paintings, "Scapes" is on view at Scott & Bowne Fine Art in Kent, Connecticut through November 18, 2012.

The rapid advance of computer technology has dramatically altered our lives in the last couple of decades and image-making is one of the many areas that has been affected. With faster computers, higher quality digital cameras and more improved archival printers, computer-generated images are filling up the gallery walls very quickly.

Yet there are artists still making prints without pixel-generated colors and lines using traditional printmaking methods such as woodcut, etching, lithograph, silkscreen, stencils, etc. There is something that cannot be converted to digital signals in these processes and the extra steps and the extra time involved may be bringing something intangible to the final result. Many of the artists here speak to the accidental and unexpected qualities inherent in the process of preparing, inking and wiping their plates and/or transferring and pressing their images.

Here are eleven artists using a variety of printmaking techniques without pixels:

  • Rica Bando - lithograph
  • Elana Goren - monotype
  • Takuji Hamanaka - woodcut and collage
  • Hiro Ichikawa - etching and drypoint
  • Gwenno James - silkscreen
  • Maria Lago - etching and aquatint
  • Thom Munterich - etching
  • Chantelle Norton - etching and aquatint
  • Antonella Piemontese - stenciling
  • Barbara Smith Gioia - silkscreen and collage
  • Beth Weintraub - silkscreen and etching