Sean Breault

Sean Breault Paintings



It was the 80’s when I started to notice the amazing graffiti that was being done out on the streets. I loved all the 80’s break dancing movies that would show the trains of New York City, and the artists with names like Crash and Daze, Haze, Lee, Blade with images all over the place. Hip hop was starting up and groups like Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, RUN-DMC, The Sugar Hill Gang were first starting to make an appearance in my life and I loved it. I loved the music, the art, the fashion, the dancing. All of it excited me.

These inspirations have been stirring around in me for some time and with the pieces on steel I have finally been able to distill those feelings and thoughts into something of my own. I’ve been working on steel and the process from start to finish is very exciting to me. It’s partly the way it feels - the weight, the strength, the non-fragile quality - but also that it gives me the feeling that I am working on the side of a subway car. A little personal slice of subway, or bodega gate, away from the law and that fear of getting caught.

I have always enjoyed the markings that people make any place they feel safe to do so, whether on a bathroom stall, the side of a wall in an alley, behind a convenience store, or the name of a girlfriend carved into a chair, desktop or oak tree. These marks come from the heart and they come from a deep-seated need to be heard, to be seen and to express.

When I started this Simple Gesture series I ran into the same issues I usually run into when starting a new project. I get all worked up and excited about how to make it perfect, how to wow myself, how to will begin, how the series will change the world, stop world hunger and make governments realize that this shit needs to stop!

After I realize that that is a tall order I calm down, breathe once or twice and find a starting point which, as it often does, comes down to a simple gesture, much like an actor who looks for that perfect hat or article of clothing to help him connect to the character and find a hook, a way in. This time I started with a swipe taking the shape of the mountain outside my studio window and off I went.

Making all the circles that build the interior and fill the mountain became a meditative process that allowed me to relax and free the rest of my mind up, letting me improvise with the imagery.

Sean is originally from Massachusetts and has lived in Beacon 3 years now via NYC. He studied Theater and Photography at Northeastern University in Boston. He also Studied at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and Circle in the Square Theater School in New York City.


2000 - Naff Gallery, NY, NY
2005 - Parish Diner, Brooklyn, NY
           Mad Arts Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Spring/Summer/Fall Shows)
2008 - Art of Memory, Performance Installation, St. Marks Church, NY, NY
2009 - Art of Memory, Performance Installation, 3LD Center for Art & Technology
2012 - Mad Dooley Gallery, Group Show, Beacon, NY
           Kunsthalle Beacon, KuBe, Finding Our New Fort, Beacon, NY
2013 - Kunsthalle Beacon, KuBe, Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, Beacon, NY
           Kunsthalle Beacon, KuBe, Homecoming, Beacon, NY
           Theo Ganz Studio, Simple Gesture, Beacon, NY
           PS 209, Stone Ridge, NY (Upcoming Fall 2013)