Ilse Schreiber-Noll




We have created a world where life has become uncertain. The dark and unsettling truth is: that our way of life will slowly upend the lives of future generations.

"Searching for a New Planet" is an allegory about the migration of the children who met from around the world with the intention to find a planet that offers what we have taken away from them: The promise of a secure and better future.

Each year 350.000 children die around the world of malnutrition, violence and war. Thirty three percent of illness in children under the age of 5 is caused by environmental exposure. Preventing environmental risks may save as many as 4 million lives a year in children alone.

I use the narrative of the children to bring awareness to the above issues that are posing serious threats to humanity. I ask the viewer to participate in the effort to change and repair the deeply rooted problems that fester in our society and that have shattered the lives of many.

This is a continuing project started in 2002 and belongs to the series "Only History Remains" a visual documentations or diary of history, of past and present destruction of countries by war, pollution and man made disasters. My ideas are represented in mixed media paintings, installations, and artist’s books. I create heavy encrusted surfaces that embody burnt land, forest defoliation, and environmental destruction. These images speak to the pain and struggle of the inhabitants that once lived here, but were lost in ashes and covered by the sands of time.

"Only History Remains" is juxtaposed by the series "Searching for A New Planet", a solution to our planet’s dilemma based on children fantasy.



Ilse Schreiber-Noll was born in Arolsen, Germany. After coming to the United States, she studied at Purchase College SUNY, NY and received her Masters of Fine Art in 1989. She stayed on to teach The Art of the Book until 2009. Here she had met and worked with the Uruguayan- American visual artist, Antonio Frasconi, who is best known for his politically charged dynamic woodcut prints. His work became a profound influence upon her work together with the works of German writers and artists.

She attributes much of her civic mission to her lifelong reading of the 20 century playwright, Bertolt Brecht. Both Brecht and her work leans on nature as a rescue devise in a sea of political disillusion - looking upon the environment as a steadfast and reliable presence amidst the damaging tendencies of society.

Schreiber-Noll’s work depicts the terrors of war and the threat of ecological disaster. Her ideas are expressed in paintings, woodcuts, installations and artist books. In collaboration with contemporary poets she has created limited edition artist books and did extensive graphic work (woodcuts) for the theatre in collaboration with playwright, translator and critic Eric Bentley.

Among the poets and musicians she has worked with are: Joseph Brodsky, Dennis Brutus, Galway Kinnell, Octavio Paz, John Cage and Robert Kelly.

Schreiber-Noll has been shown in many national and international exhibitions and received several grants and honors, most recently The Puffin Grant from the Puffin Foundation, N.J. The artist lives and works in Tarrytown and Peekskill, N.Y. and in Berlin, Germany.