Gerardo Castro, Oshun's Reflection 2012, oil on linen, mixed media, beads, paper 38 x 42"
Photograph by Michael Gabor


Summer Blues

group exhibition

July 14, 2012 - September 2, 2012

The opening reception will be on Beacon’s Second Saturday,
July 14th from 6-8 pm.

Theo Ganz Studio is pleased to announce that Summer Blues, a group exhibition of work by 14 artists from the Hudson Valley, will run from July 14th through September 2, 2012.* The show includes paintings by Joseph Ayers, Samantha Beste, Gerardo Castro, Hiro Ichikawa, Maria Lago and Eleni Smolen; a chine colle etching by Elana Goren; a drawing/collage by Andrea Moreau; sculpture by Insun Kim; an installation called The Sky is Falling by Lori Merhige; video and mixed media sculpture by Pat Carullo (PC); photography by Jennifer Konig and Jim Metzger; and last but not least, furniture, by way of cabinetmaker and designer Margaret McDuffie and her version of the classic summertime symbol, the Adirondack chair.

We would like to thank Mr. Dan Rigney for his eclectic selection of tunes compiled especially for SUMMER BLUES.