Triple Zero Wonderland

Carl Van Brunt - Triple Zero Wonderland 2



Triple Zero Wonderland 2

December 6 through December 30, 2012 (nightly - dusk until 9 pm)

Opening Reception December 8, 2012 6-8 pm

From printmaker's studio to virtual studio - While Prints Without Pixels continues through December 30, 2012, Theo Ganz Studio is pleased to present Triple Zero Wonderland 2. Installed in the front window of the gallery, the work is the creation of Carl Van Brunt who has been creating digital paintings and imagery for over 20 years. When I saw his recent installation at the Van Brunt Projects' exhibition New Hudson: Second Nature in Cold Spring, I wondered about the logistics of presenting it here at the gallery. Not having room to build out a darkened space for a 3-D sculpture and the projection, the only way it might be feasible was to view it from the outside looking in - starting at dusk. And so, you might want to grab a cup of hot cider some chilly December evening and let the glow of layered colors, patterns and textures warm you even further.

Carl Van Brunt’s statement on this work -

"Triple Zero Wonderland references in an open-ended way the Buddhist notion of Emptiness. On a literal level, the sculpture is made from three zeros and is meant to represent in a highly abstract manner a seated Buddha meditating. The images projected on a sculpture are a representation of the content of that meditation. I developed the Triple Zero figure to delink the Buddhist content from any specific cultural context as much as possible.

The projected images are created using an inexpensive fractal generating software called Fractal Domains that I found on the Internet. I must admit to having no understanding of the mathematics involved. However I have found ways to work with the variables that lead to the creation of images I find surprising and evocative. Sometimes I tweak the images a big using Photoshop.

Working in this way is like going for a walk with no preconceived destination. I never know what’s around the next turn. The universe evoked by fractal imagery is literally endless and expands in all directions." (11/15/12)

When he isn't in his virtual studio, Van Brunt continues to multi-task and participate in the art scene on several fronts (his gallery in Beacon showcased the work of regional contemporary artists for nine years). He is Gallery Director at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum; Van Brunt Projects promotes the work of Hudson Valley artists through pop-up exhibitions and art fairs and he is curating the SUNY New Paltz Faculty Exhibition, Fields of Vision which opens in April